Documents of our past

Here you can find records of Ripton history in multiple media, including images, text, audio, and video.

Do you have images or other media to contribute?  Please contact us.

Ripton Hollow school

[caption to go here]

Here’s our policy about taking new items:

Historical Gift Acceptance Policy. The Ripton Historical Society collects written records, photographic images, regardless of format, and artifacts that document the history of Ripton. Written materials include diaries, letters, deeds, surveys, maps, and other records that are generally unavailable from the Ripton Town Office. Photographs, videos, and sound recordings are welcome when they describe the lives of families and individuals, and when they will help preserve the nature of the Ripton community as it used to be. The acceptance of donations of items is solely contingent upon the approval of Ripton History Society (either during in person meeting or by online decision-making) and may be rejected for any reason, including space limitations. The Ripton Historicxal Society considers all gifts to be unrestricted and without limiting conditions. Deaccessioning of items may be done by the Society when these items no longer meet its collection goals.

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