History of Ripton

Ripton was chartered as a town in 1781…

Some fodder:

For a period of twenty years after the granting of the charter the town was uninhabited by man. As late as 1800, when the town of Middlebury had 1,263 inhabitants, Lincoln ninety-seven, Salisbury forty four, Goshen four, Granville 185, and Hancock 149, Ripton had not been visited by the smoke of a single cabin. The proprietors, or their grantees, in despair of settling the territory without resort to some coup d’etat countenanced the rumor that the first child born within the charter limits of the town would be entitled to a right of land, whereupon Ebenezer COLLAR, who knew what he was about, cut his way to the site now occupied by Oscar HURLBURT, erected a temporary shelter, where on the 11th of November, 1801 he became the father of a girl, whom he called Fanny. She afterwards became the wife of Amasa PIPER, and is still residing in town. She has never received her right of land. About 1802, Asa, father to Ebenezer COLLAR, came to Ripton, and settled near his son, at the Four Corners, on the place now owned by S. Cortez GIBBS. About the year 1803 Thomas FULLER settled in that part of Goshen which was afterward annexed to Ripton…

1 thought on “History of Ripton

  1. Jonathan Laing

    I am doing some research on a family that lived in Ripton in the early 1800’s. Stephen Matteson (Mattison or Madison) who was a lawyer was married to a Hannah Mead. He died 11/29/1863 in Ripton and Hannah 12/8/1873 in Middlebury being brought to Ripton. I have searched both Galvin where some of their children are buried and the Cook cemetery as well as the Prospect Cemetery in East Middlebury but have not been able to locate their final resting place. Any Suggestions? I am from NJ so it is a long ride to Ripton.



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